London, January 1942.
War correspondent for the London Times, George Adams, is a broken man, devastated by the death of his fiancé and rejected by all branches of the military. His life has come to a dead stop.
In an effort to save his career, George’s editor sends him to Singapore to cover its defense against an inevitable Japanese invasion. George’s life is thrown into chaos, starting with a near-fatal air raid minutes after his arrival, and propelling him into non-stop danger.
Injured and hiding in the underground, George meets Thomas Montclair, a crafty French spy, and Lady Jane Carrington Smythe, an English aristocrat, who are destined to share George’s adventures. When a Japanese general is murdered in occupied Singapore , Lady Jane becomes the prime suspect and target of an enemy manhunt that spans the islands of the southwest Pacific and the darkest days of World War II. The trio struggle to escape the Japanese, facing combat and catastrophe, and to forget their own haunting pasts, chasing dreams and eluding nightmares, while wrapped in unexpected love interests filled with conflict and passion.

Published by Taylor and Seale; release in Sept of 2014


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