fall of 2016 release

Paris: 1942
Rachel Abzac, a Jewish teenager, rescues her family from the French police and seeks assistance from her employer, bookstore owner Claire Daladier. Claire saves Rachel’s family, arranging transport to the Normandy countryside. While there she finds the battered body of her cousin, Paul Moreau, barely breathing, his wife and daughter beside him, murdered by the Gestapo.
They return to Paris, fighting the war on their own terms, rescuing Jews from the Germans and hiding them in the catacombs underneath the Left Bank of Paris. They attract the attention of high-ranking Resistance members and are asked to assist a mysterious and anonymous leader known as The Fox. Their responsibilities increase, saving thousands of lives, while gathering information vital to the Allied war effort. As time passes their efforts continue to expand: taking money from banks before the Germans confiscate it, intercepting enemy agents before their return to Berlin, developing escape paths for the Jews they rescue, helping them reach Switzerland and England and Spain.
Together they move forward, outsmarting a dangerous enemy, overcoming obstacles, defying danger, moving farther and faster, almost invincible. Until an innocent bystander notices something amiss and their entire world collapses around them.

Purchased by Sarah Publishing – fall of 2016 release


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