Interview questions: In Satan’s Shadow


What inspires you towrite?

The common theme in my novels areordinary people who are compelled to do extraordinary things, driven by eventsor tumultuous times. My first two books are about WWII, but not generalsor admirals or politicians, but a reporter, a history teacher, a violinist.They become heroes, just as ordinary people became heroes during the war.

How did you come up withthe title for In Satan’s Shadow?

In Satan’s Shadow is about Amanda Hamilton, a Scottishphotographer and violinist, who marries a Nazi Party official and spends tenyears in Germany, immersed in one of the most tumultuous periods in humanhistory. Since she is a favorite of Hitler; she walked in Satan’s shadow− Satan being a symbol for Hitler.

How did you get the ideafor the book?

I got the idea for the first few chapters while standing on the German-Swiss border, staring at a windingstream. I thought – hmmm, what fun could we have with this stream, maybea fugitive, followed by dogs and German soldiers – and off the story went.


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